Who Are Total Business Brokers?
After working in real estate for close to a decade, with five years of industry experience in selling businesses, Nick knew there was a better way to sell businesses.

Real estate agents certainly know how to market a listing and attract an audience. This is something most business brokers lack. He noticed that there was also no urgency for a business to sell - where most brokers were more than happy to list a business for 180 days with the “hope” to find a buyer.

Having taken the best aspects of how real estate agents sell property, Nick began to introduce these practices into business sales. As a result, he has seen an increased level of engagement from buyers which have turned into record sales.

That’s how Total Business Brokers (TBB) was born…

Through active engagement in social media, and good old fashioned like ability, Nick has built a brand in the business brokering world that has seen him develop a loyal client base following.